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For the past several weeks, a sentence from one of Major Ian Thomas's books, seems to be always at the back of my mind and frequently pops up in my thoughts.  Based on Psalm 37:5-7, he says, "If you are solidly convinced that God is the arbiter of your affairs, you will never be anxious.
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More and more I'm thinking that it is essential to choose a mind-set; that is, a particular and permanent mind-set which underscores all of life.
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Listen to these beautiful words the Lord spoke to Israel:
Your people shall be consistently righteous (Isaiah 60:21) the branch of My planting so that I may be glorified. To give them (Isaiah61:3) a diadem of beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a heavy burden, that they might be called the strong oaks of righteousness - - the planting of the Lord - so that I may be glorified.
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