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I was waiting for the elevator to get me down for my Wheel-Trans ride to Sunnybrook to visit my husband and just thinking about his condition. Suddenly the Lord dropped five words into my mind - - IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME. Of course my thoughts automatically finished the sentence (GAL. 4:4) but I didn’t get it at first. What does “fullness of time” mean? Well, if you have fullness in a cup of tea there is no room for anymore tea. Likewise, if you have fullness of time there is no more time to wait for it - - it must be now. Did God pick a time at random or did He need a specific time right down to the very day? Why did Jesus come exactly when He came? Over 300 prophecies were made concerning Him between 500 and 1,000 years before He was born. He didn’t come near the time of any prophesy but much later. Get ready for goose bumps! Jesus lived on earth for about 33 years and less than 40 years after His Ascension, Rome ransacked Jerusalem. But what happened during those years? Pentecost – the Church was born, Stephen was the first martyr as persecution increased and scattered believers SO THAT the Gospel was spread over the whole known world. Think, what does that tell us about God’s always perfect and marvelous timing?

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Sometimes it shocks me at my ripe old age to see how much I still have to learn. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Am I so proud I think I’ve learned it all? Not really, but I am trying to see the truth of humility. I was praying daily that the Lord would make me humble. Was I mixing humility up with spiritual gifts? Was I expecting a dark gray cloak to float down from Heaven and envelop me to prove that I was finally humble? Suddenly the gracious Holy Spirit startled me with a fresh insight. Being humble is not something I pray for but something I choose. See if you agree with me on the thoughts that came from just a few of the many verses I dug into.

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