Disobedience move the light switch to ‘OFF’

Jesus said (Matthew 11:25) that God hides the ‘light of truth’ from the wise and prudent, the proud who think they know it all, but He reveals it to those who obey Him and trust Him with child-like faith.  Whatever my heavenly Father says, I believe.  (Oswald Chambers) “God does not cleanse us more and more from sin but when we walk in the light (1 John 1:7) the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.  It is a matter of obedience”.  As we obey, our relationship with the Lord is perfected.  If we disobey, darkness and death are at work in us immediately.  We cannot worry ourselves or think ourselves into greater insight and understanding.  Obedience turns the light on, obey and a sudden flash of light illuminates our minds.  The profound things of God are opened up to obedience.  Beware of becoming - wise and prudent – one of those with whom God cannot share the treasures of illuminating revelation truth.  But He always revealed in his personal response to obedience and faith.  Obedience and faith are inseparably linked - - you will not obey anyone you don’t trust.  Trusting in Jesus is a proclamation that we truly recognize WHO He is.  Only a fool would not trust Him and whole heartedly believe everything He says.

Do you and I always obey the command (Ephesians 5:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:18) of these verses?  Give thanks to God always for all things no matter the circumstances.  Thank the Lord for everything BECAUSE it is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  I have chosen to thank God for everything in my life exactly as it is.  I don’t enjoy everything, but I thank the Lord for everything because I know that He has a good and beneficial purpose for me in everything He sends or allows in my life.  I also know that He will work all this into the all things (Romans M.8:28) He is using in His plan to make me like Jesus (Dr. Jeremiah) “God will not change our circumstances to make our lives better but He uses our circumstances to make us better”. We humans inherited from Adam not sins but a hereditary disposition of sin which disposes us to dispute God’s rule and demand, claim our right to ourselves.  We saw the raw ugliness of our disposition at Calvary when we heard the demon-mad mob scream for their rights – “We will not have this MAN to rule over us, we choose Barabbas, we have (John 19:15) no king but Caesar”.  They shouted this while they were actually looking right at the Light of the world.  So great was their darkness they could not see, refused to and rejected the Light of Truth.  Determined self-righteous, demanding fools – they spit on their Creator and at that time had no idea that one day they would be gripped with terrifying horror.  They would see this same MAN again but then He would be their Almighty Judge.  Every person who rejects Jesus has chosen to receive a guaranteed reservation for a never-ending residence in the eternal Lake of Fire.  No easing, no relief, no end to the everlasting torment in hell. When we are born again, we receive the heredity and disposition of Jesus which is always disposed to obey God.  But the FLESH is not eradicated and we are responsible for our free will choices.  There are only two – I will obey or I won’t obey.  Rationalization counts for nothing.

The Word of God, the Bible, contains the answer to every question and the solution to every problem in our lives.  If you turn off by neglect (Psalms 119:105) the lamp for your feet and the light for your path, you will live in darkness by your own choice.  You will be held accountable for turning off the Power Source of Light.  Better far to live in the Light of obedient fellowship with God and then His Word will be (Psalms 119:111) the rejoicing of your heart and the nourishment of your soul.  One of the evidences that we have been created in the Image of God is that we have a free will. Obedience is never forced on us.  Like looking into a mirror (2 Corinthians 3:18) we behold the glory of God in the Word of God and increasingly we are transformed into His likeness and the Lord expresses Christ-likeness in and through us, taking us on to higher levels of glory.

It is God (Isiah 40:22-23) Who sits above the circle/horizon of the earth and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers.  He brings the dignitaries and rulers to nothing.  So, no matter what is going on in our world, we know that the biggest of the proud big-shot rulers are still grasshoppers and Almighty God is still Sovereign overall and His Sovereignty can never be diminished by even a hair-breadth.  God gave Jesus (Isiah 42:6) for a covenant to Israel and a Light to the Gentile nations.  Jesus is the only True Light, the only Light which dispels the darkness, the only Source of Light.

Never forget!     Always remember!!!

Obedience is the switch that turns on the Light.

The key of the GO of a missionary, pastor or individual witness is not the ever-present need of the unsaved.  It is (Matthew 28:18-20) the all-powerful Sovereignty of our Lord and Master.  (Oswald Chambers) “We are apt to think of our Lord as One Who assists us in our enterprises for God.  Our Lord sets Himself as the Sovereign supreme Lord over His disciples.  He does not say the heathen will be lost if you do not go, He simply says GO therefore and teach”.  The Lord engineers our goings wherever He has placed us.  Knowing that the One Who sends us has all the power, our continual going is by our living daily in the Light and sharing that Light in full confidence in His Sovereign power and wisdom.

Do we ever – we certainly need to – stop in wonder, worship and tremble before THIS ONE, WHO has all the power, WHO sends us, WHO touched the leper, Who He truly is!!!

Jesus said (Matthew 24:6) that there must be wars and rumours of wars and some Bible scholars believe that wars and rumours of wars mean global warfare.  At the present time 13 countries are known to have nuclear weapons.  I’m told that one nuclear missile has more destructive power than the combined total power of all the bombs that were dropped during the Second World War including those dropped on Japan.  Jesus also said that we are not to be troubled by the essential birth pangs of sorrows.  It was said that when things are bad, we cry, when they get worse, we pray, when they become unbearable, we sing.  There is a day coming at the end of the Great Tribulation when (Psalms 46:9) God will make war to cease to the end of the earth.  He will put an end to all war forever.  We will live in a war-free world of peace where there is no police force, no factories to manufacture weapons of war, no army, no navy, no air force and no government military or defence budget.  Can you picture it?

Walking hand in hand and step by step with Jesus in the ordinary mundane things of everyday life, sheds a heavenly fragrance over all of life and its changing circumstances.  The more intimately we know the lord the more eagerly we will obey Him because we will have deep and growing admiration for His superb wisdom and glorious purpose in His every command.  We will have growing wonder as we realize that eternity is involved in every detail of our lives.  That is why (Ecclesiastes 3:11) God planted eternity in our hearts.  The wonder of God and His perfect timing through all the ages gives us a higher perspective on our temporary lives on earth.  We begin to see and evaluate everything from God’s viewpoint more clearly than ever.  I can see for myself very personally the truth of what Jacob said (Genesis 32:10) I am not worthy of the least of Thy mercy nor all the truth which Thou has shown me.  Every day I receive spiritual riches and everyday essentials and I am constantly a debtor to the lavish amazing GRACE of God.

Dear Lord, let there be in me, none of me

But in me let there be all of Thee.