Magnificent – super abundant – overflowing – lavishly outpoured – supernaturally above and beyond is the sufficiency of God’s Grace.


God said (2 Corinthians 12:9) My Grace is sufficient for you.  Is it?  Is it always in all of the upsetting and changing and often painful details of our lives?  Let’s explore.

Paul certainly experienced painful distress, sufferings and persecutions.  He also had (2 Corinthians 12:2-14) some unspeakable experiences and heavenly revelations.  He said he could not boast in these things but he would rather boast and take pleasure in his hardships and weakness.  Why?  To protect him from pride he was given (2 Corinthians 12:7) a thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan to torment him.  Of course, Satan’s purpose was to discourage him and turn him away from the Lord.  But as with Job, God had a rich and holy purpose in allowing it - - to reveal Himself and strengthen Paul.  Paul prayed 3 times that God would remove the painful thorn.  God’s negative response was not a sharp refusal or a harsh dismissal of his request.  God was teaching him a wonderful truth which we all need to learn.

The commands of God and everything He sends or allows in our lives are all rooted in His protective love for us.  We can trust our Lord Jesus Christ confidently, absolutely, without question because we know that God’s will is always best, God’s way is always right and God’s timing is always perfect.  It is God’s character and knowing His character (Hebrews 10:23) that keeps us steadfast in faith. 

We begin to discover the lavish riches of His Grace.  (DR. Swindoll) mentioned the word power in connection with Paul and the Holy Spirit gave me new insight and greater understanding.  It takes more of God’s grace in the continuing difficulty than the grace for Him to remove the hardship at once and forever. 


I experience this daily in the various handicaps that would make my life impossible if it was not for the rich outpouring and enabling power of God’s grace.  Also, these things actually increase my dependence on the Lord, I have deepening relationship and growing intimacy with Him, which I would not exchange for the complete removal and healing of all the problems.  If God removed our difficulties by a miracle healing, it would be a once-done and finished act but, His ongoing grace in hardships envelops us continually.  God’s grace for each one of us personally is not a free pass to a trouble-free life of comfort and ease, but to bring to completion the molding work of the Potter in our lives.  The perfection of God’s strength (2 Corinthians 12:9) is revealed in my weakness because it is so very obvious that it is God’s strength and certainly not mine.

With all Paul’s sufferings and persecutions (2 Corinthians 11:23-27) there was something that was glaringly missing. 




Paul had no complaints about anything.  Jesus is (Joel 2:13) abounding in loving-kindness.  He is (Isaiah 28:5) our crown of glory and our diadem of beauty.  So if we (Romans 13:14) clothe ourselves with Jesus we will live, in our particular world, the life that is hidden (Colossians 3:3) with Christ in God.  Then our world will know (John 17:21) that God has sent His Son into the world.  (Oswald Chambers) “The dominating power of the world, the flesh and the devil, is paralyzed by our obedience, because obedience links us to God and His redemptive power.”  If we truly understand the wonderful gift of God’s amazing grace we will never have a reason to grumble and complain.


Why did Jesus (Matthew 12:40) use Jonah’s time inside the sea monster as an example of His time in the heart of the earth?  Because both horrible experiences were the consequences of sin.  Jonah for his own sin and Jesus for your sin and mine.  Life without Jesus is a living death but unsaved people don’t know that they are the walking dead.  To what purpose did Jesus endure physical death and burial?  So that Jesus could live the victorious resurrection life in and through you and me.  (Oswald Chambers) “Being crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20) cannot happen until I deliberately sacrifice my independence and all my rights to the Lord.  It is not for my idea of what I will be or do. but only to be the bond slave of Christ.  When I make that break, then the Holy Spirit delivers my personality into such oneness with Jesus that I am absolutely loyal to Him.”

Satan brought sin and sin brought death.  Jesus triumphed over sin and crushed its power through His atoning death.  Then He conquered and triumphed over death through His Resurrection.  Because He lives (John 14:19) we shall live also.  During our lifetime we are blessed in our weakness, we will view our handicaps and hardships as treasures.  Could these things be the doorway to (Philippians 3:10) the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings?  (Oswald Chambers) “God comes with the grip of the pierced hand of His Son and says – enter into fellowship with Me and My redemptive purpose in the world.”  We can boast (2 Corinthians 12:10) and take pleasure in our human weakness because that is where we are made strong by divine strength.  More burdens – more grace, multiplied trials – more multiplied peace.


To not remember is not the same as to forget, there is a difference.  We will not remember everything but there are some things we should never forget and this is one of them.  (Oswald Chambers) “If my relationship to the Lord is that of love, I will do what He says without question. When I obey Him, I fulfill my spiritual destiny.”

Here is a glorious truth of holy privilege and power.  As I obey the Lord, though probably I will not often see it, my prayers will be answered all over the world.


God is never less than totally sovereign over all the universe.  But open your heart to see the personal beauty, the holy character and the loving vulnerable condescension of our glorious God.  These 2 verses pierced my heart with deeply moving and increasing awe at the winsome sweetness and compassion and availability of God.


“Come now (Isaiah 1:18) let us reason together.  Discuss it with Me, you can receive forgiveness.”


“What wickedness (Jeremiah 2:5) did your fathers find in Me.?  Point out any unrighteousness in Me or where I have failed you.  Why have you turned away from Me?”


It is hard to comprehend how God, being Who He is, could bring Himself to or even want to utter these Words.  We can only draw close to Him in wonder, admiration, worship and a burning heart of love.  In these Words, I saw the shadow of the Cross and they lingered in my heart and mind for days and they are increasing my capacity to know my God.

The power of divine grace (1 Corinthians 1:7) operates in your souls by the Holy Spirit.  Here is the answer to the question in the title of this meditation.  Magnificent – super abundant – overflowing – lavishly outpoured – supernaturally above and beyond is the sufficiency of God’s Grace.

God promised/declared (Revelation 21:5) that He will make all things new.  He will restore this world to the original perfection, fragrance and loveliness of the Garden of Eden as it was before The Fall.  He will restore us to the original beauty, holiness and unsullied relationship with God which Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden before The Fall.  Even The Fall with its horrendous damage and all the vile sin of humans, could not hinder, prevent, diminish or annihilate the glorious fulfillment of God’s original intention in His plan and purpose for His world.




Because God loved so much, He gave so much and Jesus paid so much.  My thoughts this morning formed into a very simple little love song, so I am singing it to Jesus.


                           I love Jesus, He is my Saviour,

                           Redeemer, Master and dearest Friend.

                           To obey Him is my spiritual destiny,

                           His love and Life in me will never end.