From Geneses to Revelation all of the written Word points to the Living Word Whose Name is Jesus.


The Word of God is (Psalms 119:89) forever settled in heaven, it stands firm and is complete and final.  There is no new Truth.  The history-making Word of God is alive with the breath of God and every Word has (Isaiah 61:11) self-fulfilling power.  That is why God’s Word cannot (Isaiah 55:11) return void but will carry out God’s purpose.  Doubt or deny the Word of God at your peril.  It is through the Word of God that we receive the ongoing and deepening revelation of God Himself.  We cannot separate God from the Word of God.  To add to or subtract from the Holy Scripture is a deadly serious sin with (Revelation 22:18-19) severe penalties. 

In these days God is revealing not new Truth but Himself through unknown Truth and the depths of Truth that was already there.  Scientists are discovering wonders in our expanding universe which are convincing even atheists to admit that such order and design could not be possible without an intelligent Designer, a Creator. The voice from the sky (Psalms 19.1-4) is continual evidence of the Creator.  Atheists not only admit the evidence in the universe but also in the human body.  I heard a few programs by Christian scientists which were fascinating but away over my head, However, there was one amazing fact which I could understand and I want to share it with you.  Possibly you already know this and much more.  I never before realized the depths of David’s words (Psalms 139:14) we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

There are trillions of cells in our human bodies and each cell is not just a little blob of jelly.  In each cell there are engines and machines working to produce what we need to stay alive.  Protein is produced but what kind and how much is determined by the amino acids.  But the amino acids must be correctly lined up in the right order like a string of beads.  How do the amino acids know their exact configuration and also know when – where – quantity of the needed protein?  Where does the information and instruction come from, which controls the operation of each individual cell? 

The DNA molecule transmits a complex sequence.  The DNA is a truth transmitter for the correct exactness for the production of protein.  The DNA has all the hereditary information of every person.  For everything there must be a cause and we know that the Cause of the marvellous function of the DNA code is the Creator God.


In the beginning (Genesis 1:1) GOD


Just this one fact arouses wonder and worship in our hearts and also gratitude that God reveals Himself to us.  His Truth explodes the errors which have been taught as science for so long.

There is so much more for us personally as we (Isaiah 55:6) seek the Lord with all our hearts.  Jesus said (John 14:21) that He would reveal Himself to us and make Himself known to us.  We can have ongoing revelation of the Lord ever increasing to us if we love and obey Him.

Jesus also said (John 14:23) that He and the Father would make their home in our hearts.  Am I keeping my heart clean and pure to be fit, suitable, inviting, welcoming, a place where Sovereign Deity would be comfortable?  Are the furnishings from the wealth of (Galatians 5:22-23)?  If I love kindness as (Micah 6:8) God requires me to, I will never open my mouth to speak an unkind word - - no matter the circumstances.  I am often overwhelmed by the magnitude of God’s kindness to me which is so undeserved.  So I want to be a willing conduit for His loving kindness to pour out through me to bless others whether they deserve it or not.  I want God’s kindness to me to be duplicated by His kindness through me, I want to pray for the insight which replaces unkindness with compassion.  God is (Joel 2:13) abounding in loving kindness. We have to guard so that we don’t do wrong when we are doing right.  For instance, if I say something that is perfectly true at the right time to say it and it is the right thing to do - - my tone of voice can make it sin.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?


If it’s not God’s way it’s the wrong way no matter how good it looks.  Let us (Romans 5:3-4) exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings and the giants which attack us in daily life because we know that hardships produce patient endurance and endurance develops maturity of character.


(Dr. Swindoll) “The source of a giant’s strength is the source of his greatest weakness.”  The spiritual riches far outweigh all our temporary circumstances, hardships and handicaps.  (Dr. Stanley) “Our circumstances are like ant hills compared to the Omnipotent Mountain which is God”.  The flame of the Holy Spirit’s love and power within us burns brighter as our intimacy with the Lord deepens.  That I (Philippians 3:10) may know Him.  Jesus Christ is Lord and His plan is to exercise His Lordship in our lives.  Is that your priority?  (Dr. Stanley) “Your calendar and your cheque book reveal your priority.”  There are many necessary things in our lives but over and above all in importance should be our obedience to and relationship with the Lord.  If we are not what we claim to be, we have nothing to give to others.  I cannot comprehend the total magnificent majesty of the Holy Trinity with my mind but I grasp, embrace, experience the Reality of the Almighty Trinity in my daily life with growing wonder, love and gratitude.

In an earlier meditation I mentioned that Bible meditation is spiritual medication to nourish and maintain a healthy soul.  If you are sick you will find no benefit in knowing that the medication is readily available, right at hand.  You must follow instructions and take the medication into your body in order to receive the healing benefits.  Thy Word with its healing properties (Psalms 119:11) I have taken right into my heart so that I will not get sin-sick in dangerous opposition to Your divine law of spiritual health.

We need the whole Bible.  Both the Old and the New Testaments are part of the Living Word of God.  Probably you remember the relating declaration from years ago.  “The NEW is in the OLD concealed, the OLD is in the NEW revealed.”  We cannot do without both every day.  From Geneses to Revelation all of the written Word points to the Living Word Whose Name is Jesus.  If we know God’s character, seeming contradictions will not shake our faith in Him.  We can confidently trust Perfect Love.  Real faith always puts Jesus first. Our world, our nation, our province, our city has turned away from God, so God has given them up (Romans 1:24) to an out-of-control explosive overdose of their own desires.  This fact is constantly made obvious by the evening newscast.  I want to remind Christians of the impregnable place of our safety.  It is to be (Romans 12:1-2) in the centre of God’s will, sheltered in the arms (Deuteronomy 33:27) of our loving heavenly Father, in a life which is hidden (Colossians 3:3) with Christ in God.

This morning at breakfast the Holy Spirit formed a new prayer in my heart but a prayer that expresses my longing - - -

Precious Lord,

Make my heart an altar of incense where the fragrance of adoring worship and wonder-filled gratitude rises continually to You, in all circumstances, in all things at all times.