God always hears and answers the prayers of genuine repentance.

John tells us (1 John 5:15) that we know that God hears us, we also know that our prayer requests have been granted to us as our present possessions.  This is kingdom authority which is exercised and is wielded by obedient Christians who have been given the keys (Matthew 16:19) of the kingdom of heaven.  Granted immediately and will come into being at the exact NOW of God’s perfect timing.  Doesn’t God hear every prayer?  Definitely not!  Why not?  If I regard (Psalms 66:18) iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.  If you regard iniquity, make a place to allow in your heart and life for something that you know is wrong don’t waste your time in praying.  It is only dead empty words bouncing off an impenetrable ceiling of brass.  But I can make a temporary mistake, be caught off guard by impatience, etc.  God knows my aging frame (Psalms 103:14) and remembers that I am crumbling dust.  Immediately I recognize that I have sinned against God and the Lord hears and accepts my prayer of confession and genuine repentance and then restores me to intimate fellowship with Him.  Any resulting consequences are the Lord’s teachers.  No matter what the sin in anyone, God always hears and answers the prayers of genuine repentance.  (Oswald Chambers) “as disciples of Jesus we find that the Christian life is a noble life but also a difficult life.  By God’s Sovereign Grace through the Atonement of Jesus, God works in and through us to do (Philippians 2:13) of His good pleasure.”

I experience the incredible Grace of God in my life every day by the miracles of all He enables me to do, to do what is impossible for my very limited sight and physical inability.  Every day I am reminded that the giving hand of God (James 1:17) is the servant of His loving heart and every day I am thrilled with Jesus.  The details of my life are engineered by God so nothing that happens is a chance encounter or an interference, or an interruption.  I asked the Holy Spirit why I got a call from someone who had got the wrong number and He told me it was so I could pray for that person.

Truly the perfection of His strength (Philippians 4:13) is displayed in my weakness.  We are filled (Ephesians 3:19) to the fullness of God so don’t let the difficulties make us cave in but instead use the difficulties to rouse us up to overcome.

Dr. Swindol said he heard this quote years ago but he didn’t mention who said it.  So, I don’t know its origin but I really like the truth principle in it.

                  “Be who you is and not who you aint,

                   If you aint who you is, you is who you aint”


Posturing and exaggerating to make yourself look better and appear to have a better image or status will murder reality. Honestly be yourself because that is the only self in which God can work for His purpose and to give you a strong family likeness to Jesus.  I think it is too heavy a burden to try to flatter myself by pretending falsely that I ain’t what I is.


When we come (Hebrews 4:16) to the Throne of Grace to offer our petitions, we enter the wondrous mystery of the perpetual NOW of Almighty God.  Just those 2 words – perpetual NOW – add such wonder, worship, and a deepening awareness of the limitless scope of our prayers, our prayers which are born in the Heart of God


In heart-to-heart oneness with Him, we can discern God’s will and

share in His desires, concerns, interests and purposes.  One Sovereign God is always completely in total control.  Rest, trust, abide in Jesus and you will find rest (Matthew 11:29) unto your soul and an anchor (Hebrews 6:19) for your soul.  Will I ever fully comprehend my holy privileges?  Jesus said (John 14:9) that anyone who had seen Him had seen the Father.  Just think of the incredible gift of being so closely identified with Jesus that anyone who see us -  -  sees Him!


I am still learning and there is so much more (2 Timothy 2:15) for me to learn.  Once I was lost in sin; but, now I am lost in God’s love and filled with (Zechariah 9:17) His goodness and thrilled with His beauty.  I’m so very thankful for all the know-how God has created in the humans He created for the widening utilization and ongoing development of all (Revelation 4:11) the wonderful things he created.


We can constantly (Philippians 4:11) be contented when we hear the NEWS whether it is true or false, because we know that no matter who, what, why, when, how and all the shocking and disturbing things all over the world, they are no surprise to God.  All these birth pangs of sorrow (Matthew chapter 24) are not the end of times but the time of the end.  God’s alarm clock still rings with a wake-up call and His offer of mercy and warning of judgments.  He sets the time limit when He allows the power that darkness gives.  He will officially declare the climax.  Nimrod, Pharaoh, Pilate, Hitler, Stalin are all gone and soon Putin and others like them will join them.


                  BUT – OUR GOD REIGNS FOREVER


Faith in God is not a guessing game.  It is (Hebrews 11:1) God’s gift, the evidence and reality of what we will receive from the Lord.  It is God’s certified cheque, the guarantee and in every case waits only for God’s cashing date.  Everything we have and confidently look forward to is ours because of the Atonement of Jesus, His finished work on the Cross.  God-given faith can only look up to the precious Lamb of Calvary; it has no other focus.


An opportunity (Exodus 14:21, Isaiah 43:16) for faith.  The same strong wind God sends to divide the threatening waters in your life and make them a wall of protection, is the same wind He uses to dry the ground and make a safe path for you through the waters.


Christian scientists have shown how the scientific study of the intricate and absolute precision of the elements of the universe which are essential for sustaining life, proves Intelligent Design, a Master Mind, that there is a God Who is the Creator, a God Who pre-existed everything else that now exists.  Our I.D. is our identification and I believe that our identification, our I.D., proves that we are Intelligently Designed (Genesis 2:7) by the One True God with a holy purpose.